Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chemor: Town of religious harmony

Apart from having a beautiful recreational forest, Chemor, a sleepy hollow 30km from Ipoh should be noted for its religious harmony. Masjid Jamek Chemor (top pix above) is located only 100 metres or so from Tokong Cina Chee Poh (bottom pix above). The mosque was built in 1920, and the Chinese temple, much, much later, judging from its structure. Furthermore, St. Anthony's Catholic Church stands adjacent to the temple, separated by a common fence. I reckon the singing of hymns in the church can be heard in Tokong Cina Chee Poh; the call to azan prayer can be heard from the church and temple; and the banging of the temple's gong is audible from the mosque. Chemor's Muslims certainly are not as parochial-minded as the protestors from Section 23 in Shah Alam, who staged the infamous cow-head procession in August 2009. All religious bigots -- be they Muslims, Taoists or Christians -- should take a trip to Chemor and see the three places of worship for themselves.


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