Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Mountain-cat king" the current rage among durian lovers

Among durian lovers, the strains D4 and D24 are now declining in popularity. One reason, I suspect, is due to the lower standard of some D24 fruits, no thanks to "cross-breeding" by unscrupulous cultivators, resulting in inferior clones. (My last two purchases of D24 fruits were disappointing.) Currently topping the list of premier durian strains is "Mau-San Wong" which literally means "Mountain-cat king" from Pahang. I stumbled upon a stall selling this relatively hard-to-find species at Jalan Riang 5 in Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur. Each kilo costs RM16. The fruit is small, and each weighs around one kilo. According to Anwar Mansor (pix, right), the seller, those sold in Bukit Bintang are even more expensive. He added that "Mau-San Wong" is clamoured by Singaporeans as tour companies there have day trips to Pahang plantations just to sample this species. What about the taste? Cheesy-garlic and soft, the cream-coloured pulp was excellent, and worth the price.


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