Friday, December 4, 2009

"South Pacific" movie not shot on Tioman Island

Rough Guide to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Footprint Malaysia Handbook, local travel websites and some travel literature (even those published by Tourism Malaysia but produced by outside agencies) have claimed that Malaysia's Tioman Island was the location where the Hollywood movie South Pacific (released in 1958) was filmed. I have been to Tioman; have also watched the original South Pacific on CD; I didn't see any iota of resemblance between any scene in the movie with any location on Tioman. A bit of research will reveal the actual location was the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Colorado-based news portal, The Examiner (http: //www., reported that Ms Mitzi Gaynor, the film's star, had returned to Kauai in October 2009 to celebrate the film's 50th anniversary. The portal stated: "Popular sites like Hanalei Bay, Lumaha'i Beach and Mount Makana that were South Pacific's mystical island of Bali Hai are easily recognisable in the movie and by visitors coming to Kauai's north shore today."


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nadge said...

Hello. Actually both the Hawaiian islands and Tioman are correct. Much of the filming location with actors was on Kauai, but there were additional footages taken of the Nenek Semukut hilly beach views of Tioman which were seamlessly incorporated into parts of the film scenery. Therefore it's okay to say Tioman was a "backdrop" but not a "location". (Source BAFTA records, 2010 ;-)