Friday, November 27, 2009

Nightclub hostess give tips on how to court her

Some men like to befriend a high-class nightclub hostess for various reasons. A few fellas think they can get sex -- free or paid -- from their new-found friend; others want to have a girlfriend or lover; still, there are hard-core nightclubers who wish to set her up as a mistress.

Warns Mummy Lulu, a nightclub mamasan: "Not all hostesses are prostitutes. They have all been trained to prise money from customers without selling sex."

To win over a hostess as a personal friend, or for whatever purpose, requires a generous amount of time and money. Success can only be achieved in a matter of weeks or months depending on the frequency of your visits. A veteran nightclubber says there are certain guidelines to behaviour that can help a customer win a hostess. First, you must be frank about your occupation, marital status and financial standing. Never brag about money unless you are prepared to back it up with action.

He adds that during conversations with the hostess, never say bad things about your wife and children. Instead tell her how much you love your family, and you are there to relax over a couple of drinks or to indulge in your hobby of karaoke singing. Generally, the more stable and reliable the man is as perceived by the hostess, the better are his chances of establishing a long-term relationship -- for any purpose, other than marriage -- with her. It goes without saying that a bachelor should not boast about the number of girlfriends he has.

Another advice is to avoid cracking vulgar jokes. The more you treat a hostess with respect, the more friendly she will be to you. Telling a hostess you have fallen in love with her on your first or second or even third visit is a sign of the amateur. Many hostess also don't have patience with a customer who nurses a drink the whole evening.

To have a hostess notice you, it is best to visit the nightclub on a Monday when business is slacker and the big spenders are not around. After a couple of visits, if you like the hostess, tell the mamasan that you've been coming back because you are attracted to so-and-so. In this way, the mamasan will be grateful for the respect shown to her, and she will tell the hostess to be nicer to you. Of course, generous tips must always given to the mamasan.

Now, you must demonstrate your sincerity by frequently patronising the hostess and performing the courtship ritual such as inviting her out for late dinners and the giving of presents.

Later, when the timing is right, you should lay your cards on the table. As a direct and honest approach is best, say something like this: "I want to keep you as my mistress (or whatever). If you need money, I will give it to you. All I want is to see you frequently." Such a proposition is likely to be accepted by a lonely hostess. Says Mummy Lulu: "Most beautiful hostesses are harder to win and more expensive to keep as mistresses. But after you've had your fling, it is easier to break off with her as she has other suitors. On the other hand, a plain hostesss is easier to woo as her admirers are few. As her options are limited, getting rid of her later can be a problem."

It's obvious that "playing" with a high-class nightclub hostess is an expensive affair.


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