Sunday, December 15, 2019

Tips to put the Christmas tree in an auspicious spot, according to feng shui consultant Sifu Sabrina

Standing inside Sifu Sabrina's apartment, I step up to the Christmas tree and rake my gaze over it. “Wow! What a beautiful Christmas tree.”

Beside me, Sifu Sabrina’s lips flicker into a smile. “Why is a priest like a Christmas tree?”

I scratch the back of my head. "Huh? Why?"

Sifu Sabrina takes a step forward and palms a silvery ball at the Christmas tree. “Their balls are only for decoration!”

A chuckle rolls from my lips. “Nice one!” I wag a finger at Sifu Sabrina. “You’re a naughty woman!”

“I can be naughtier still!” Sifu Sabrina flutters her eyelashes. “Why is a Christmas tree better than a man?”

I squish my eyebrows.

Sifu Sabrina starts to walk towards the settee in the centre of the living room. “Because it’s always erect!”

I tamp down a snigger—my shoulders shaking controllably—and pad on bare feet behind her.

Sifu Sabrina plonks down at one end of the settee. “So what can I do for you?” She crosses her legs at the knees and wriggles the toes of  one leg.  

I sit at the other end of the settee, leaving a space between us, and angle my head to face her. “Any feng shui advice in regard to a Christmas tree?”

“Of course!”  Sifu Sabrina sucks in an inhale and releases it, my gaze following the rise and fall of her ample chest. “A Christmas tree should not be placed in a passageway as it blocks the flow of chi. Also, never put it near the front door as it’ll deplete your yang energy.  The shape of the Christmas tree symbolizes fire so your yang energy will flow out through the front door.” She points a dainty finger at a corner of the living room. “If you’re seeking money, place it in the Southeast corner of your living room.  To attract your fame chi or to boost work recognition, put it in the South corner; for health and family harmony, have it in the East corner. Decorate your doorway brightly and place plenty of presents under the Christmas tree to symbolize abundance. This is the time when clutter is auspicious."

I jackknife to my feet. “Thank you, Sabrina.” I start to saunter towards the door. “I gotta go.”

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