Sunday, August 17, 2014

National University of Singapore's freshman orientation games a disgrace to the institution, says naughty teacher Natalie Tay

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“So what that the National University of Singapore clinched position 26 in The Times World University Ranking 2014?” says naughty teacher Natalie Tay (pix above) of Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. “I came across a complaint about NUS in an online news portal called therealsingapore dot com. The complainant, who identified herself as Ms Ng, wrote this on 31 July 2014." She picks up a piece of paper from her desk and starts to read from it.

"‘It has come to my attention that the year 1 orientation camp went totally out of control. My nephew who enrolled with NUS went for the orientation camp two weeks ago and confided in me about the sick and degrading games the senior students or camp facilitators made the young teenagers/adults play. My nephew who just turned 21 was made to strip down to his shorts and was being blind folded and bounded by tape. He went on to say that the camp facilitators were making the girls who also attended the orientation to lick whip cream off his neck, his nipples and also rub her hands on his thigh, trying to sexually stimulate him. He also mentioned that they were made to do push-ups on top of the girls and other inappropriate and sexual moves. One of the girls broke down in tears as she felt pressured to perform all these shameless acts.

A reply given by one Ovidia of NUS was: ‘...I have asked the student office to look into the matter with the details you’ve provided.’" She puts the paper down and looks at her students.

"Similar complaints can be found in other Singaporean news portals. For all his few faults, if Lee Kuan Yew were still in charge of Singapore today, such things would never have happened in NUS. With its lax administration, no wonder NUS awarded scholarships to people like Alvin Tan. Any of your parents who still want to send their daughters to NUS?” Natalie pauses at the pin-drop silence for a few seconds and raps the blackboard with a long ruler. "Okay, now let's get back to what's written on the blackboard, not stare at me."


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