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Sexy Russian social escorts in Kuala Lumpur: Hidden gems and pitfalls to be aware of

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Date: 15 February, 2011. Place: Hot Legs Club, KL

“Hey, I saw on TV that on Valentine’s Day, the anti-vice cops raided Kay El’s red light districts!” uttered Sunny, my drinking buddy, who's an incorrigible philanderer, though married with eight kids.

“They should go after the Russian girls instead!” quipped Hassan, a 35-year old bachelor. He pecked the cheek of his companion, Wati, a sexy GRO donned in a bare-backed evening gown with plunging neckline. He added: “Once bitten, twice shy. I’ll never go for Russian girls again.”

The three of us were in a karaoke room, bursting with women, wine and song -- an euphemism for sexy GROs, aromatic booze, titillating laughter and good music.

“Eh? Got Russian gurls in KL ah?” I queried.

“Yup, I’ve also test driven one of them,” said Sunny. “No regrets for me. And I’m looking forward to the new batch of girls.”

I was curious. “How did you get them? Come on, share some info.”

“Through a website. There’re photos of these Russian social escorts who are currently in KL. Actually, they come and go. Wow...a few of them are really hot and sexy. There’s a handphone number for booking through sms. I booked a girl called Yana, and the pimp ...eer...I mean, escort-agency owner asked me to wait in the lobby of a five-star hotel at the appointed date and time. When I was there, I called him, and a guy came – don’t know from where -- and escorted me to a certain room. My heart went DIG-DUK! DIG-DUK! DIG-DUK! DIG-DUG! as I followed the bouncer to the room. So excited! Finally, there she was! The Russian call-girl...eer...I mean social escort – just like in the website’s photo.”

“How much did it cost you?”

“Seven hundred.”

“Jezus! So expensive!” I was shocked.

Yalor, for that price, you can book Wati and me for one evening of karaoke singing!” sneered Jessica, a curvaceous GRO, seated beside Sunny.

“But it was a unique experience. Thoroughly enjoyable!” insisted Sunny.

“URL of website?” I asked.

“Russiankl dot com.” said Sunny.

Hassan contributed his story: ”My experience was not so good. I went through mermaids dot tv. But I think the agency’s under the same management as russiankl dot com.

“The hot, voluptuous girl I booked from the website was purportedly not available when I went to the hotel room. The lying pimp said she had to gone to see a doctor because of food poisoning. The girl I selected was only average-looking. Furthermore, she looked ten years older than in her website photo. Now I realized that a few of the photos in the website are fakes; they’re there just as baits.

“And this girl whom I took was lacking in personal hygiene. She did not shower before and after our love-making. Her tunnel of love was smelly!”

“Huahahahaaaa! Serves you right!” giggled Wati, adjusting her bra strap.

“The girl was from Uzbekistan not Russia. Communication was also a problem as she couldn’t speak English. “

I grabbed my beer mug and took a long draw. “Uzbekistan is formerly part of Russia, so her claim to be Russian is justified.”

“I was lucky,” said Sunny. “Mine could speak fluent English; she was a university student.”

Hassan added: “I’ve also heard from a friend that the promotional price sometimes announced on the website is just to lure customers. When you’re inside the girl’s room, the snake-head will ask for a different price. He will claim that the price is up to the girl, and he has no control.”

Wati shook her head pathetically: “Why do you men pay such a ridiculous price for those Russian girls? Their feminine organs are made of gold? Close your eyes while doing it with them! Any difference between them and a local girl? Hah! We can perform as good or even better than them.”

“True, true, I agree,” I said as I cracked a groundnut between my finger and thumb.

Wati and Jessica lifted their glasses, and said in unison: “Cheers!”

So, please be aware of both the booby traps and hidden gems awaiting when you book a Russian girl through a social-escort agency website.


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