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Social Escorts in Kuala Lumpur -- Tips for First-timers

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Among South-East Asian cities, the social escort industry in Kuala Lumpur is not as sophisticated as those in Singapore, Bangkok or Manila, but it is thriving. Seeking the services of a social escort in Kuala Lumpur (or anywhere else) can be fraught with booby traps for the novice. Are you paying an exorbitant price for a common sex worker or a sophisticated woman offering high GFE? Does the price include intimate services?

The first rule is never to assume that the price includes sex. Many escort websites proclaim that the exchange of money is for the woman’s company and sex is between two consenting adults without the agency being involved. So, always ask the agency before making a booking, and also the woman immediately when she arrives at your hotel room. Sometimes, the term "full-service" is used, and it means sex is included.

The design of the agency’s website can tell a lot about the quality of its escorts. Is it sophisticated? Is there a FAQs page or booking-instruction page? Does it accept credit cards? If yes, better ask how the escort agency’s name will appear on your credit card statement? Blatantly (such as Rose Escort Agency) or under an innocuous corporate name (e.g. Golden Eagle Sdn Bhd)?

By way of comment, several Thai escort agency websites are explicit about the intimate services their women offer, with genuine photos of their stable of gurls. However, the same cannot be said of the websites of Malaysian escort agencies. A few one-stop Malaysian websites offer escorts for clients in many cities, but actually, the gurls are supplied by different agencies under a referral system, and the service is not under a single management. Therefore, the client ends up paying for mark-ups by more than one party.

A common misconception is that an independent escort is cheaper than one who is agency-based because you by-pass the middleperson. Not necessarily true. Independent escorts may charge even higher as they position themselves to be “exclusive.” However, an independent escort with her own website is likely to be more professional and sophisticated. As she has taken the initiative to set up her own website, she is likely to be serious – meaning offering good services -- in her profession. For example, Alison of Bangkok, Thailand (http: // alison. is highly demanded, often flying to Europe on “business”. Another professional is Sophia of Singapore who claims to be a university graduate in her blog ( http: //

Now, back to Malaysian escorts. To my knowledge, there are only a handful of full-time independents escorts in KL. One danger of booking an independent social escort in KL is ending up with a Mak Nyah (transsexual). There are many of them lurking in free classifieds and social networking sites. However, on occasions, there are hidden gems. These women are usually foreigners on long-term vacation here and want to recoup their expenditure. I have personally seen online adverts by Russian women offering escort services.

An advantage of using an escort agency is that you can change the gurl if she does not live up to your expectations. Normally, clients are given five to ten minutes to decide whether they want to take the escort or not. Rejecting an independent social escort may be troublesome. As the saying goes, hell hath had no fury like a woman scorned, and she may create a scene in your hotel room or lobby or wherever.

The best escort is a free escort, right? Of course. Advertising agency executive Hassan (not his real name) frequently seeks the services of Indonesian women in urut batin centres. After a few visits to a particular girl whom he likes, he will invite her out for dinners on her off-days. On several occasions, he has met with romantic success.

Another good bet is PRC (aka mainland China) GROs and masseuses. Many of them want companionship for various reasons. Free dinners in expensive restaurants plus shopping sprees are strong baits. Tony (not his real name), a bank officer, frequently uses this simple but tempting invitation: “When your red-red comes (lai hoong-hoong), and cannot work, let’s go out for dinner.” Later, a symbiotic relationship develops, and he’s gotten a casual girlfriend plus free sex to boot.

Where to find social escorts? Apart from independent websites, there are countless directories where free-lancers advertise their services. A few examples include,,, (great for finding shemales) and You can also find escorts in second-rate social networking sites. However, beware that some advertisers are not genuine. The conwoman’s modus operandi is to ask the client to deposit part payment into her bank account but she executes a no-show.

When an agency-based escort arrives, the golden rule in making a final decision is to be upfront in your needs and wants. Examples: “Can we go to a club for dancing, followed by a karaoke session, and end the evening with sex?”, or “First, I want to go on a cruise on Lake Putrajaya. After dinner, we come back, and I’d like to have a body-to-body massage.” If she says no to whatever or asks for extra payment, call the agency immediately and ask for another woman to be sent to you.

(Women seeking the services of a male escort should be extra cautious if they want any intimate encounter. Never go to the escort’s place. You may be videoed secretly and blackmailed later. Even using your hotel room may not be safe what with video cameras in cellular phones. So, keep an eye on where your escort places this gadget.)

Choosing an escort based on looks alone and not telling her your plan for the evening is dicey. It can spoil an otherwise romantic encounter, as for example, she may not know how to dance or hates karaoke singing.

Once you’ve chosen your escort, the only other guideline is to treat her like your girlfriend, such as avoiding vulgar language and rough fondling. In return, she will reciprocate the respect shown to her with high GFE. Please also observe the common dating etiquette such as having fresh breath and dressing up. Tips and presents are, of course, always appreciated. So, have a nice and memorable evening with your date.



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