Monday, July 26, 2010

Indonesian models/actresses moonlighting as social escorts-cum-sex workers in KL?

Last month, Kuala Lumpur's social escort scene was livened up with the arrival of nine sexy women from Indonesia who were purportedly front-cover models and/or actresses back in their home country.

An industry insider told me in jest that purchase of Viagra was brisk among their filthy-rich customers -- both young and ageing -- as they wanted to maximise value for their money. I don't blame them as these women charged a whopping RM1,600 for an hour of "unlimited intimate encounters" and RM6,000 for 24-hour overnight service. Their services were advertised in a blog, hitherto known only to trusted and discreet potential customers, and bookings had to be made online.

Who were these women? They called themselves Jess (top pix), Chika (second row), Celine, Queen, Darleen, Roseann, Kerrie, Katherine, and Amanda. However, I managed to identity Jess and Chika. Jess is actually Julia Mendez, a famous model; and Chika is Ayu Anjani, an actress. (Ayu was involved in a nude-photo scandal recently). I don't know whether the pictures of these nine women were used illegally or they were really here last month to moonlight. However, claimed the website: "We are 100% the girls in the pictures."

Now for the juicy part. Blog address? Here it is:
Sorry, guys, according to the blog, they have left for home until further notice.


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